The primary school curriculum is presented in seven areas, some of which are further subdivided into subjects.

1. Language: English and Gaeilge
2. Mathematics
3. Social, Environmental and Scientific Education: Science, History and Geography
4. The Arts Education: Visual Arts, Music, Drama
5. Physical Education
6. Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE)
7. Religion

The curriculum is split into 4 levels:

1. Junior and Senior Infants
2. 1st and 2nd Class
3. 3rd and 4th Class
4. 5th and 6th Class

The curriculum is spiral in nature, meaning the learning builds year-on-year, increasing in difficulty at each level. Subjects and topics are often integrated with one another. A modified version of this curriculum is used for children with special education needs, along with additional resources and programmes. You can explore the curriculum on the NCCA website, or you can scroll down to see the main topics and areas covered in each subject.


Assessment in primary school is about building a picture over time of a child’s learning progress across the curriculum. The teacher uses different ways to gather evidence about how and what the child learns on an ongoing basis. This information is used to celebrate the child’s current learning, and to help make decisions about next steps for future learning.


Over the past few years, like all national schools in Ireland, we have been implementing the new Primary Language Curriculum, which covers both English and Irish. The strands of the English curriculum are:


The Irish curriculum is part of the new Primary Language Curriculum, which was introduced in recent years.


Problem-solving is a key skill which is developed through all areas of the maths curriculum.

Social, Environmental and Scientific Education

Arts Education

Physical Education (P.E.)

Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE)

As a school, we are obligated to teach the Stay Safe programme which we do in a two year cycle. This programme focuses on child protection and welfare. We also teach RSE (Relationships and Sexuality Education) every second year.


Ardrahan National School is a Catholic School where our teachers strive to create a learning environment where every child is encouraged and enabled to develop to their full and unique potential as human beings, made in the image and likeness of God.

The Grow in Love Programme is taught in all classes from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.